I’ve been working on this blog for a while now, but I’ve been a bit jumpy about My First Post. I have lots of ideas, but none perfect enough for My First Post.

This morning, I was reading one of my favorite bloggers, MizFit. She asked this morning:

How did you choose your blog name?

I chose “Sandwiched” because it describes my current season of life: I’m a mom to an 8- and 5-year-old, and just under 2 years ago, my mom moved into town. Let’s just say she hasn’t aged well, and her younger 3 siblings have already died of heart disease and diabetes complications. Mom is a 70-year-old cardiac and kidney patient with myriad other ailments.

So, not entirely willingly, I became a member of The Sandwich Generation. Within 6 months of Mom moving into town I was in therapy and on antidepressants from the stress.

I started the blog as free therapy; I liked the idea of journaling but didn’t like the fact that it’d stay in a notebook forever. And I found when I blogged it, I repackaged the stories so that it was less moaning and wailing and more “Can you believe what happened to me today?” Which made me look for the humor in my situation and in turn, made me appreciate my life and blessings so much more.

For now, the name works; even if Mom kicked it tomorrow (God forbid), I still have my aging 79-year-old dad and my in-laws.

I am working on starting another blog with a girlfriend centered more on healthy living with a spiritual point of view. It’s at https://sohelpme.wordpress.com. The idea is that we’ve tried so hard to lose the weight and be healthy, and haven’t been as successful as we’ve liked on our own. We need help: “So Help Me, God.”

As an aside, the movie scene that inspired the title was from Monsters, Inc., where Mike sings about Boo: “Take that thing back where it came from or so help me…so help me!”

The Twitter handle I picked to go with that account is @sohelpmekath. My real name is Kathleen, and all my close friends and family call me Kath. It’s a reflection of my desire to make the new blog as real as possible.

I rambled on for so long at MizFit’s blog that I thought it should be its own post. So here it is.

My First Post.