It seems like nearly every successful weight loss story (ie: where the person actually made life changes and KEPT the weight off) involves a change of self-image. That is, how one views their personal beauty.

It’s easy to say “God loves you just the way you are”, but how many of us have grown up hearing “Oh, you have such a pretty face”, or worse yet, “Oh, SHE has such a pretty face”, when others are talking about us, rather than to us.

I know, I know. It’s better to be beautiful inside than outside. True beauty shines through. I’ve heard it all.

Then just when I want to throw something, God very quietly slips a story in front of my face. One that illustrates the beauty of his creations. It’s like a velvet hammer, smacking me upside of my head.

“You there! Yes, you. The one who’s so obsessed with beauty. Check out this beautiful, wonderful creation of mine. She’ll put any beauty queen to shame with her incredibly gorgeous spirit, heart, will.

And yes. her stunningly beautiful face.

So buck up, buttercup. Get over yourself and move on.”

Go visit Mabel’s House today, and let her introduce you to Stephanie.

And make sure you bring a box of tissues. You’re gonna need one.

Or ten.

And then you’ll see just what true beauty is. And you’ll stop worrying about your own grey hair, too-big belly, junk-in-your-trunk (need I go on?).

At least I might.