Well, here I am. Back after the holidays. A little up, but not too much. I keep telling myself it’ll fall right off, but it hasn’t…yet.

I did do those 4 days of food journaling, and I awarded myself the tee shirt. Day five? Ummm…#fail. No more journaling. Then Christmas hit, and we did our annual week long whirlwind tour of our hometown, visiting family and friends we don’t get to see for months on end.

As you might imagine, in a situation like that, everyone we visit throws us a party. It’s like the prodigal son has returned! Food EVERYWHERE. No wonder my weight is up!

But we’re back. Work was crazy right up until a couple of hours before the Christmas Eve service (imagine taking Christmas madness and adding to it I-won’t-be-back-at-work-for-a-week madness, dividing by a 9-hour drive and multiplying by all the Christmas presents I still had left to buy). Work is still somewhat crazy.

I’m trying, but y’all, I just can’t get CONSISTENT! And that’s my number-one goal at the moment. I’m not doing myself any good if I work out for 10 minutes one day, 30 the next, and none at all for the next five days. Ditto with journaling.

I actually got to the gym one day. Well, sort of. I bought this cheap $15 per month membership at a local gym back in August. I knew at the time that they didn’t have childcare, and it might be tough to get there, but I figured for $15 per month, I’d roll the dice. So then they added childcare. Last Tuesday, I called ahead to the gym to check on the childcare situation. I packed my gym bag, bundled up the kids, had them pack up their homework so we could go. Drove over, got out of the car, and when we got to the door, there was a sign telling me that gym shoes that had been worn outdoors (in the slushy, salty snow) were NOT welcome on the gym floor or equipment.

I looked down at my shoes. My slushy, salty shoes. Which were the only ones I had with me.

I took the kids back to the car.

On a more positive note, the Weight Watchers meeting at my church is still in the works. We’ve got about 22 people interested, and a WW rep stopped by last week to survey the facility. The church council got a bit fired up about it last week, but in the end, they decided to let it ride. So I’m waiting to hear back from Weight Watchers.

I need to get some traction. Tired of spinning my wheels! I’ve got some ideas for goals, but I can’t choose. I’m indecisive like that. Wanna help?

  • Blog here daily (5-7 days a week)
  • Journal my food daily
  • Work out 10 minutes daily (I know it’s not much, but I just need to build CONSISTENCY)

Anyone have any other ideas?

Thanks for reading…


13I can do everything through him who gives me strength.

–Philippians 4:13 (New International Version)