Late night, crazy rambling post. So, forgive me in advance…

Good workout day. Did 30 minutes on elliptical at gym, then took 5 yo and dog for 45 minute walk mid-afternoon.

Took kids to pediatrician this evening for yearly checkup. Everyone is healthy, praise God, but 5 year old’s BMI rose from 19 last year to 21 this year. Not good. Got a referral to a weight program at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. Mixed feelings…glad we can get help, sad we need it.

When I got home (after eating a late dinner at a Chinese buffet…I know, bad idea), I hopped onto twitter and found the #plussizebloggers twitter party. Put my 2 cents in, and even though it was the last few minutes of the party, I won the Biggest Loser Workout DVD they were giving away!

I checked out their website, and added their button to my sidebar over there on the left. Maybe I’ll even get brave enough to track my weight with them.


It’s been a long, roller coaster of an evening. G’night, y’all…let me know what you think (about anything) down there in the comments.