We’re still chugging along. The first week after our visit to the Weight Management clinic, the whole family ROCKED! Lots of activity, lots of fresh, healthy foods.

The last couple of weeks we’ve slowed down a bit, and it was all due to our schedule. I had to put on my chauffeur hat and run my mon to five appontments last week, and three the week prior, so there wasn’t much time in the afternoons to hula hoop or prep a healthy dinner. This past weekend, we were out of town.

We did okay; just not stellar.

In the meantime, I’ve started a new Gravity class at my gym. There are 6-8 of us who have paid $100 for 8 sessions with a trainer; she puts us through an hour-long, full body circuit training workout every Thursday morning. I’ve done two sessions so far,and to be honest, I seriously considered not showing up for the second one because I was SO SORE for three days. Not like “Wow, I feel that!” sore, but ANGRY sore. Ticked OFF sore. I was not fun to be around that weekend.

I stayed up way late last night, and had trouble falling asleep. So I prayed for a while, but then my mind would wander, and I would begin to stress out. As soon as I caught myself doing that, I’d “kick it upstairs” to God.

Eventually, after my “monkey mind” had bounced around most of my daily worries, here came a big one: I’m never gonna lose this weight. “How am I supposed to…? I can’t…this’ll never…”

And as I lay in my bed, I felt as if I’d been gently, firmly clapped on the right shoulder.

“COUNT YOUR POINTS,” was impressed upon my heart.

Anyone who knows me knows that tracking my food is a HUGE challenge for me. But as I considered it…well, I knew in my mind it was a tall order for me, but at the same moment, I felt peace. If that’s what He wants, I had no doubt He could make it happen. My mind was eased, and I soon fell asleep.

And today, I logged onto WeightWatchers.com and tracked my Points for the first time in months. All day. And miraculously, I came within half a Point of my Point goal without consciously trying.

Day one down. The rest of my life to go.

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7 (New International Version)