Well, we’re nearing the end of my first week back at Weight Watchers. Don’t get me wrong…I’ve been paying my $40 per month ever since May 2008, but I’ve been attending meetings sporadically.

To try to attend more regularly, I became proactive and pursued beginning a Weight Watchers meeting at my church. After about four months, we finally got approval from Weight Watchers AND the church, and our first meeting was last Tuesday.

I like the leader, and we had a turnout of about 24 people, which was really amazing for a first meeting at a satellite (non-WW office) location. I have high hopes.

For everyone but myself, apparently.

Look, I know that this weight loss thing is 90% mental. And right now, my head just isn’t in the right place. Hasn’t been for a LONG time (about 3 years). I was hoping that this meeting would PUT my head in the right place.

Not yet, anyway.

On the plus side, I did track my food for about 3 days (up from zero). And one day, I drank OODLES of water. That was good.

But I’m right back staring at my old nemeses: consistency and discipline.

I do believe that the only way to make weight loss happen is to make planets (healthy habits) align. The more healthy habits you can get going and KEEP going at one time, the more successful you are going to be.

And cultivating these habits takes TIME and EFFORT: two things I’ve been short on lately. I know it’s an excuse, but I’ve been so busy taking care of Mom lately and running her to her latest kidney-transplant-related doctor’s appointment, I scarcely have time to breathe. Add to that the kids’ activities and trying to run the house, and I’m overwhelmed.

When I quit my job, I vowed that I would go to the gym every morning. I’ve slowly gotten away from that. It started with some poorly timed doctors’ appointments, and branched out into laundry and grocery shopping emergencies. I did spend a few mornings walking the dog, which was lovely, but it’s not the gym.

Long story short, I’m at the bottom of the list, and I don’t know how to put myself back at the top.