Here’s one thing I’ve noticed in (intermittently) journaling my food this week: when I’m overextended, I overeat. I use food to relax and soothe myself. I don’t have time for a workout or a nap when I need one? I DO find time to cram something (handful of chocolate chips, plate of cold spaghetti) down my throat.

I don’t need to find a sitter to eat.

When I’m feeling put upon and need to restore the balance and can’t tell everyone to go stuff it, what do I do?

I stuff ME.

Something else I’ve learned this week? I cannot be trusted around multi-serving packages of ice cream products. Against my better judgement, I asked DH to bring home “something small” from Cold Stone Creamery last week when he was there with our daughter for a Girl Scout field trip.

He brought home a quart of Cake Batter Batter Batter. After a long day, I grabbed it and settled down on the couch. With TWO spoons, which I thought was magnanimous, since I really wanted the whole thing to myself.

“Are you sure you want to do that?” Mr. Hoagie asked, eyeing the frosty carton. “Don’t you want to portion out some into a bowl?”

I glared at him. Do I look like I only want a reasonable portion? Were you LISTENING when I told you about my day?

Do I tell him that? Of course not.

I get up from the couch, drop the clean spoons into the sink with a passive-aggressive clatter, and throw the ice cream back into the freezer. And by “throw,” I do NOT mean “casually toss.”

I spend the rest of the evening silently glowering. I cannot stop thinking about how badly I NEED that ice cream.

A couple of hours later, Mr. Hoagie goes to get himself some ice cream. He offers to bring me some: preportioned, in a cup.

I reluctantly accept. After all, I can’t get the ice cream out of my head.

Later that night, when the ice-cream-induced madness has left my body, I realize how utterly IRRATIONAL I was. He knows I want to lose weight. He was just trying to help.

So I apologize for my behavior. And point out that I cannot be trusted around multi-serving containers of ice-cream.

For future reference, of course.