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Today I took my 5-year-old daughter to her appointment at the Weight Management Center. I was pretty nervous. First, because it felt a bit like I was on trial for my parenting crimes. Secondly, because last time I took my mom to that hospital campus a few weeks ago, I got hopelessly lost.

Well, I got lost again. But instead of getting lost on the south side, this time I got lost on the north side. Not a good place to be, snarled in traffic at 7:30 am.

We showed up about 15 minutes late, but the office was pretty easy to find once we found the neighborhood.

We filled out the requisite paperwork and made an unsuccessful attempt at collecting a urine specimen.

Next, we got Little Sis’ vitals, height and weight checked. The doctor stopped in and we talked about our situation.

After that, Little Sis got to sit in the “egg,” aka a “Bod Pod,” which measures your percentage of body fat. She climbed in, wearing only a swimsuit, socks and a stretchy nylon “bathing cap” to cover her hair. She sat very still through 3 45-second cycles, and was released.

We talked with a nutritionist, she got blood drawn, and we talked with a behavioral health specialist. A quick stop in the bathroom to pee in the cup, and we were done!

Here’s the takeaway: she’s lost 2 lbs since she was at the pediatrician two weeks ago (apparently the hula hooping is paying off!). I generally feed the kids healthy stuff when we are home, and I don’t keep much junk food around. We avoid fast food, and when we do go out, it’s to sit-down restaurants with healthy choices on the menu.

So here are the goals we set for our next visit:

Lifestyle Change Goals:

  1. Continue to include physical activity daily 30-60 minutes
  2. Try to have one afternoon snack (she occasionally has two)
  3. Try to have seconds of fruits/veggies if still hungry

Family Goals:

  1. Include more fruits/veggies
  2. Decrease starch portions
  3. Increase exercise as a family

As we left the office, the sun was shining and there was a spring in our step at the thought of having the day ahead of us. On the way home, I vowed to find the way home WITHOUT getting lost. I took a longer route that was a sure thing, and once I found my way to the turnpike, I decided to challenge myself to find the hospital again. Once I did, I found a shorter way home that I had missed the previous times.

I guess it just goes to show you (okay, ME) that sometime you (okay, I) CAN learn from your (my) mistakes. It helps if you have a few friendly faces to show you the way.

28“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”  –Matthew 11:28-30 (New International Version)