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Just back from my second Weight Watchers meeting at my church. I wasn’t sure what to expect this week. I only logged my food about 3 days this week. I noticed that the more I thought about eating less, the more I stressed out and ate emotionally.

Not good.

But when I weighed in, I got my first piece of good news. I lost two pounds!

And during the meeting, it came out that one diabetic woman had much more easily controlled her blood sugar and dropped 5 pounds this week. Another’s blood pressure dropped to her lowest in years, and she make be taken off her blood pressure medication. In just one week!

Plus, another few people joined this week, so our already large meeting is still growing! All together, our meeting (around 25 people) lost a total of over 55 pounds!

Amazing! I was humbled the way that God had used me to get this meeting off the ground.

In other news, I was moved last night to pick up Martha Beck’s The Four Day Win again. I feel I need it. I’ll keep you all posted…

How has your week been?